First Session
The first appointment introduces me to your situation as I listen to your story and begin thinking about how to approach what you're working on. You are also getting a feel for me and if I'm the right therapist for you. . . It should "click" and should feel comfortable and natural. You or I may also decide to seek another therapist especially if your concerns would be better served by a specialist.

We usually have a plan we can begin working on by the end of the first session, and I may even suggest some homework to start trying. It will become more and more clear what is holding you back from the life you want to live. Most issues need weekly sessions to build the new habit patterns and maintain progress. The changes will come as you change what you decide to do as you deal with your life.

My usual fee is $280 assuming a solid income. Let' talk about that when you call. In addition to considering discounts, we can change the session length, or refer you to my one of the Interns I supervise in my practice (who are in training or have completed their degree, but working on licensure). Most insurance plans will cover part of your counseling. The length of therapy depends on the complexity of your issues and your commitment to the process. Don't let your financial concerns keep you from getting the help you need during this crisis.

Therapy may be longer or it may be shorter. But it will become clear to both of us when you're maintaining the changes on your own and it’s time to stop. We'll agree on a date, and sometimes we will schedule a followup session, but we will usually taper off the sessions to every other week and then once a month for awhile, rather than just stopping all at once. You can also maintain follow-up coaching if you would like.