What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

While counseling is about struggles and issues, things keeping you from functioning well, coaching assumes you are functioning well but want to reach a higher level.  Counseling focuses on unlocking the past to learn where self-defeating habit patterns developed to clarify how to resolve painful symptoms that seem to keep repeating.  Coaching looks into the future from the present, to capitalize on the strengths you have now to get even better at some specific thing.  Counseling develops a supportive, accepting relationship with me that is a "safe haven" where you are understood and cared about while you heal and learn to go about things in a better way so your life works.  With coaching, the focus is more on practical steps to increase your effectiveness.

How Does Coaching Work?

We start with an hour long interview either in person, video conference, or phone to discuss what you would like to accomplish.  You introduce me to the goal you're working on, and we discusss what obstacles are holding you back.  

Most of the work can be done in 15 minute sessions. We focus each time only on the next step of your goal, and the work is very practical.  These sessions are scheduled as you complete the previous step, and then we clarify the next step until you reach your goal and are satisfied with what you have accomplished.  You can then stop, or turn the focus to another goal.

Can I Do Coaching During Counseling?

If you are in counseling with me, a unique service I offer is to integrate coaching into the counseling process.  Sometimes you hit a specific situation and don't know exactly how to apply what you've been working on in that situation.  I provide quick clarification, or practical advice to carry things forward until our next regularly scheduled session.  Or something a little unexpected happens, and you can get re-oriented in a brief interaction with me so it doesn't have to wait until the next session.