Reasons to Do Assessments

First, you may want to get a lot of work done in a small amount of time, as in the case of a marriage in crisis or on the verge of ending.  Similarly, a personal problem may need a quick answer, such as a screening to qualify for a job.  In this type of situation, with 2 or 3 assessments we can quickly identify areas to work on, and even focus work in multi-hour sessions to accomplish progress quickly.

Sometimes you may have seen previous therapists, and never seemed to make progress.  Assessments can uncover hidden reasons for things not changing, like unaddressed events from your past that have blocked your full development into adulthood, or undiagnosed problems like trauma or depression or personality disorders. 

You may just want to know for sure what you're dealing with in your personality so that you can understand yourself or your partner better.  There are even assessments that highlight your life story in order to make more sense of why you do the things you do that you don't understand or that are counterproductive.

There are also assessments to help define the type of work you are best suited to do.  These measure aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses, career interests, and what type of work your personality best fits. 

We also use assessments in the case of couples work.  We can quickly unlock the patterns of conflict, or issues in each of you that may be holding back the progress as a couple.  We can even predict before marriage what issues and patterns will develop as time goes on to make the best of premarital counseling.  

How Assessment Works

There is nothing spooky or risky about taking psychological tests.  Your privacy is guaranteed as with all of your conversations with me.  There are no hidden measures in any of our tests that "read your mind."  The tests are developed through extensive scientific validation methods to ensure they measure what they are supposed to.  Industry standards must be met before they can be offered to the public.  (The "tests" you can take online are not subjected to this validation process, so it's doubtful that they have much reliability.)

Almost all the tests we use are done via secure connection online.  We get the scoring immediately, so there is a very quick turnaround.  I go over the results with you in a session to explain what the numbers mean, and discuss how to apply the information. Each test has a fee separate from the counseling time to cover the costs of the testing process, and our time to prepare for presenting the information to you.