Practical Approach

The most common complaint I hear from people about the previous therapy they have had is that the counselor never gave them any suggestions or direction.  The counselor may have been kind and understanding, but so may people want answers, and want to get problems taken care of as quickly as possible.  

I also find that most people are not in counseling to just understand themselves better, or out of casual interest.  There is a problem and people want a solution.  Especially in the Bay Area, people are educated and savvy, and already have worked on their personal lives.  Though you do learn to understand yourself better in counseling, most people want practical answers.  Many tell me to be blunt and direct and appreciate hearing directly what is "wrong" with them, so they can get it "fixed" more quickly.  

It is valuable to understand what the problem is, and even how severe it is in comparison to other people, as well as an estimate of how long it will take to resolve.  But you also need to know what to do, what action to take to make a difference.  That is the unique aspect that I provide.  I give you homework to practice new skills that you are learning in counseling, and steps to take to reach a solution.  I even offer suggestions for books, podcasts, online information and even movies to highlight what the new changes will look like in action, and that make the progress happen more readily.