My Style

Therapy is by nature something unfamiliar and uncomfortable for most people.  You are trying to make changes in your life, and with change comes having to try new ideas and new behaviors.  All of us have trouble letting go of the known, even if it has parts that don't work, and moving into the unknown.

So I work consciously to make counseling comfortable and welcoming, both in the physical surroundings that feel like a family room in your home, to the way I interact with you in a friendly way.  My way of talking with you is conversational and accepting, and you'll never be criticized.  But at the same time I believe I owe it to you to be straight with you about what you're dealing with, what to do about it, and how long it will take to get on top of it. I will answer your questions, and give you direction in how to most directly deal with your issues.  

Counseling is collaborative, so we work together to make progress with your concerns.  I don't dictate what you decide to do with your life, but I give you direct steps to take that are informed by the latest advancements in neuroscience and the science of human behavior.  We have so much knowledge derived from an explosion in scientific research about the mind in the last few decades, that we now have knowledge and facts in psychology that we didn't have in previous generations.  We now have a science of psychology, mental health and what works in relationships.  You deserve access to that knowledge.