Integrative Therapy

What is the meaning of life?  What or who is God, and is there a God?  What is the "right" way to live?  What is healthy religious faith, and what is toxic? If I am following a particular religious tradition, what if I encounter practices in my faith that are painful or damaging?  What if I believe strongly in my faith, but the people I have encountered in my experience in a religious group don't seem to match up with what the scriptures say?

These are some of the questions that people ask me in pursuing counseling regarding spiritual concerns.  Many people want to be able to address spiritual concerns in counseling, but they have encountered counselors that are opposed to religion, or have such rigid answers that there doesn't seem to be much room to question and explore.  Many people want the freedom to explore and find a neutral environment to think through what they really believe, without the constraints of dogma or prejudice. 

I also hear from my clients that they would like the freedom to discuss their lives and intertwine viewpoints from their faith, and not just psychology.  They want spiritual and psychological input into their lives, from someone who has studied their religion and spiritual experience in general.  There is a psychology of religious experience which is studied scientifically just like another branch of psychology.  The knowledge that has been gained in scientific study of faith is extremely valuable for understanding and enjoying our lives.

With my commitment to spiritual exploration and dialogue, many people find a respite in open-minded, humble inquiry with me.  The opportunity to explore without fear of disapproval or reprisal is a safe haven for questioning and doubt, and freedom to decide your own personal approach to your faith journey.