Skilled, Professional Guidance Integrated with Spiritual Wisdom






Problems with Moods

Why am I so nervous all the time?

Can I overcome panic attacks?

Why don’t I ever feel happy?

I have lost the drive to do anything


Spiritual issues

What is the purpose of my life?

Something happened at church that doesn’t seem right

Confusion or questions about faith

Why doesn’t God seem like he is taught in church?

Why don’t I feel God’s presence like other people do?



How can we talk to each other freely and without fear?

Can we ever have a really satisfying sex?

How do couples make decisions together?

Can we ever have real teamwork?

Can a marriage survive infidelity?

We seem to have lost that special ‘spark’





Church leadership

Mediating staff conflict or lay leadership conflict

Impasses in leadership and getting past them

Strategic planning

Managing transition without hitting resistance

Changing unworkable patterns of relationship in church life



Develop more effective leadership

Overcome persistent problems in your work

Diagnose and change dysfunctional conflict patterns


Leadership Training

Managing conflict

Communicating with other leaders or with church members

Basic counseling skills


Free consultation for pastors with counseling cases





Overcoming obstacles to greater effectiveness

Calibrating of the impact of your personality

Developing greater skill in relationship

‘Shadowing’ on the job to improve effectiveness

Getting more out of life








Community Events

Community Service Clubs

Motivational Talks

Church Education

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