Skilled, Professional Guidance Integrated with Spiritual Wisdom

How I Work





Before your first appointment check the ‘Forms’ page on this website.

Fill out the Intake form (Information About You)

Read and sign the consent form 
(Information About Your Counseling)

Scan and return by email or bring them both with you to your first appointment.

When we have our first appointment check to make sure we ‘click.’ 
It should feel comfortable and natural with the right therapist.

My job is to get to know you and to ‘diagnose’ what the issues are 
for you and to begin formulating an approach. We will know by the end of the first or second session where to focus our efforts.


The length of therapy depends on the complexity of your issues and your commitment to the process. My clients average about 
25 sessions over the course of about six to eight months.

Therapy may be longer or it may be shorter. But we will both’sense’ when it’s time to stop and agree on a date.  Sometimes we will schedule a followup session, but we will usually taper off the sessions to every other week and then once a month for awhile, rather than just stopping all at once



Integrative Therapy


I specialize in an integrative spiritual and psychological approach.  This means that the best wisdom from the Bible and from other spiritual sources is blended with sound psychological insights, research, and technique.

This prepares me to compassionately explore the complexity of people’s hearts. You will not be judged or forced to make the changes you are seeking.You will be assisted in developing new ways of living out your authentic God-Given purpose.

You will be encouraged to incorporate your own faith practices in the counseling.  I would be happy to pray with you and for you, to study spiritual writings, to suggest ways to develop your spiritual life.

If you would prefer to have faith issues left out of the counseling, I can keep the counseling practical and free of ‘spiritual talk.’




Areas of Focus


I have extensive experience with relieving anxiety disorders, and bringing hope to people with depression, two of the most common and treatable problems. We know a great deal about both of these disorders as they are so common. There are well-researched and effective treatments that usually have almost an immediate impact.

I also have developed specific approaches that help couples find rich, satisfying intimacy. You have the option of choosing to see me, or to have a co-therapy team with a female therapist and me.

The advantage of seeing me alone is that it is less costly. The advantage co-therapy is that it is more intensive due to thecollaboration of the therapists both within and outside the sessions.






I have training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Systems Therapy, Psychoanalytic Therapy, and Process Group Therapy.

I have training in coaching and consultation with individuals and organizations.

I have also been trained to do Healing Prayer, Healing of Memories, Spiritual Direction, and Theophostic.

I also have extensive training in the integration of spiritual and psychological approaches across a variety of treatment modalities.






As a therapist, I have an engaging, relaxed style and sense of humor that leads people towards more enjoyment of their lives.

I am approachable and easy to talk to, informal and friendly.

I am direct and honest with my clients.  I give people information and feedback, a ‘diagnosis’ and a ‘prognosis’ so you know what you’re dealing with.

I offer ideas and give homework where most therapists draw answers out of their clients in that stereotyped ‘how do you feel about that?’ approach.

Many times I can suggest a book or a movie that will help with learning a new insight or changing behavior.

I enjoy using multiple methods and multiple resources to seek the most effective and quick way to change

I often ‘teach’ as part of my counseling, since the more we can understand about ourselves and human nature, the more that helps us change.

I am a good listener, and my clients often remark that I ‘get’ them.  One of the most rare and most satisfying experiences possible is to have someone be fully ‘present,’ to offer you their full attention, to really hear you and ‘see’ you and to accept you as you are.

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